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The Yemen war and your donations (15.03.2020)

Since March 2015 Yemen is tortured by war, this summer 2017 by a cholera epidemic; tenthousends of people died during the war. We want to do something against:

Until December 2019 more than 50.000 € have been donated by members and non-members - thanks a lot! The people in Yemen need drugs to fight against the cholera.

Your moneay goes to various NGOs; for example 7.000 € for "jemenhilfe", 12.000 € were transferred to World Relief Germany and 10.000 € to the 'Yemen Association for Development' in Sana'a and 5.700 € for 'Vision Hope Interational' using your money for:

1 the Transport of ORS - Oral Rehydration Solution and water cleaning tablets (UN flights Djibouti-Sana'a)

2 distribution and acquisition of ORS and water cleaning tablets

3 water and sanitation supply for internal displaced people.

Any further support is welcome!

The keyword for donations is: "Humanitäre Hilfe für den Jemen"

Account number of the GYS (DJG): Commerzbank Freiburg

IBAN DE02 6804 0007 0140 0878 00, BIC COBADEFFXXX

For further questions don't hesitate to contact us: jemen@djg-ev.de

The German-Yemeni Society (GYS) is recognized as a non-profit organization that has nurtured the German-Yemeni friendship for more than 45 years. The projects undertaken by the society foremost focus on promoting international understanding and human relations between the two countries. The society has a long tradition of cooperating with political and civil society institutions and in supporting the exchange groups, especially amongst young people.

According to its charter, the society informs the German public objectively through publications and events regarding the Republic of Yemen. The annually published Jemen-Report offers a wide spectrum of political and academic topics, including international research on Yemen. In 2015, the society organized, for the first time in Germany, the International Yemeni Film & Arts Festival in Marburg and Leipzig. The society currently has appr. 450 members (March 2020)